Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blog #2

I think that once I figure out my true identity it would be a real interesting project to ask others, walking around campus, pacing the aisles of the grocery store, even while exploring the mall what THEY think WE are. Get an outsiders opinion of race and identity with the simple question: "What do you think I am?" given the fact that that is a loaded question and can be answered numerous ways.

Racially - you are white, black, spanish, etc.
Logically - you are human/ a girl/ a boy/ a person.
Amongst other creative responses, I'm sure...

It would be a good chance to incorporate people outside of our classroom into our project while also getting the knowledge of how people think racially by their immediate responses. Is this a question that is more than just skin-deep? Can people look beyond our physical features to answer this question?

This project could be done solo or as a group project or even as a small team.
Items needed: a video camera (I have a GoPro), a computer, and maybe something video-making background skills to piece it all together. An obvious must would be consent forms for the people we are questioning and filming so that it is 100% legit and legal.

This could be a main visual source for the "Race & Identity" tab on the overall website.

I'd like to think of this as a reverse "Catfish" type documentary where the participants see who we are, what we look like, our names, etc and it is up to them to answer the question of "What do you think I am?" which I think is such a versatile question to get feedback from.

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